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MetaXR feature causes crash in Editor


I have created a combined Unity project for the Quest and the HTC Vive. I was hoping OpenXR could be used for both, but unfortunately for Quest I still need the Oculus Integration package for the entitlement check and that again requires the Oculus XR plugin.

So i cannot use OpenXR for Android builds.

But I still want to use OpenXR for PC Windows builds. In the Project Setting for PC I see the MetaXR Feature, which should not be there because I am not building for Oculus. If I disable it I get a noticifcation when I press Play that the feature must be enabled.

But when I enable it and then press Play the editor crashes.

After upgrading the Oculus Integration package to version 51 I notice a flag 'oculus Quest Quest Support', which is very weird for a PC build target. When I disabled both this flag and the MetaXR feature and pressed Play the editor stil crashed. After restarting the option was gone and replaced with 'Use Mock HMD'

What is happening and how can I get rid of the MetaXR feature popup for the PC build?

unity 2020.3.19
Oculus Integration version 51


Honored Guest

Hello, ive figured this issue out after many days of testing.

For me the issue was the openXRtoolkit (external application) was crashing the game. Ive uninstalled it and it runs normally.