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Mixed Reality app without boundary limit

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we are building an MR/passthrough game meant to be played outdoors in large open areas. We found out that boundaries are limited to 10m by 10m which is hugely insufficient, as our game requires the players to move around a lot (easily in an area of a basketball or even a football field). 

We found out that we can disable the boundaries with the permission:




but when we try to publish the app, it gives an error: 
This APK includes experimental APIs (com.oculus.feature.BOUNDARYLESS_APP in AndroidManifest.xml).... APKs with experimental APIs cannot be pushed to public channels.

how can we publish the game on Meta Quest store without the boundary limitation?


PS: Arkio doesn't seem to have any boundaries so there must be a way. We are putting in place solutions to enable awareness of obstacles and hazards so it's not like we don't take safety seriously


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Did you find a solution for this problem? I wish meta had a bit more documentation on this topic.


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Hi Arne, nope. so far, I have gathered that Meta has a sort of caste system for developers. People have said that you will have to make Meta a ton of money first before you will be allowed to do a truly MR game (and get exception for the boundaryless permission). If you publish via app lab, completely forget about it.... Hopefully Vision Pro will induce some panic to make Meta wake up. Our priorities are sidequest and vision pro. Sorry, I don't have better news