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MixedReality recentered pose problem.

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We are developing a mixed reality experience using SceneModel to set up the user room. We use the virtual model that the SceneModel instantiate to calculate the distance between the player and its room walls. We need that the player was in a position that must satisfy specific distance rules. In case that the player was in an incorrect position, we want that the player recenter its position. However, when the user use the recenter option, our virtual model is updated and the virtual walls do not correspond their position with the real position.


For instance, in the image above, we have in the left side of the image our player initial position, represented by the circle with the arrow (the arrow is the direction the user is looking at). The black rectangle represents the real room walls and the blue one the virtual room walls. As the image show, when the user moves in its room and recenters the virtual room walls update their transform generating undesirable situation.


We want to know if there is a special configuration in the OVRSceneManager component or  in OVRSceneAnchor component or whatever Oculus Unity SDK component to avoid this behaviour.