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Modeling NPCs using Meta Avatar SDK


According to the Meta Avatar SDK documentation:

"We encourage using avatars as NPCs as a way to help virtual worlds feel more alive in single and multiplayer experiences. Consider using the SDK-provided presets as a diverse set of characters for this purpose.

  • Known issues: Recorded animations played back using the Avatars streaming interface may break with updates to Avatars content or to the Meta Avatars SDK. We are currently exploring alternative animation solutions to better support this use case in the future."

I'm trying to model NPCs using the Meta Avatar SDK and have found very little support in terms of documentation or samples that demonstrate:

  • How to make an avatar look at a target
  • How to create and apply animations (other than recording 1st person avatar movements and playing them back on an NPC)
  • NPC movement, perhaps along a NavMesh
  • Building custom avatars (as opposed to using one of the presets)

I'm happy to work from scratch and share my results but don't want to replicate work done by others.




Were you able to get any more information on this?

Nope, I found no convenient way to create or apply animations. Also, the avatars were too cartoonish for my purpose. Sticking with UMA avatars and Mixamo animations but I also abandoned XR for my AI tutoring application, going with just a Windows application target.