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Motion Capture using Body Tracking


Has anyone used Meta Body Tracking for motion capture and can advise how to achieve this quickly using any built-in Meta scripts or samples? 

I feel like there must be something as recording for animations is one of the use-cases Meta themselves mentions in the Body Tracking documentation, but it's rather difficult to sift through all the sample material. I found something for recording poses, but not movement, per se. 




There are no built-in samples that I know of, but it shouldn't be hard to write a script that records the body bone transforms to a file over time if you're moderately experienced with Unity. The tracking quality isn't great for anything other than real-time games though. You'd be better off even using webcam-based body estimation. Xbox Kinects can give you decent results and they're pretty cheap online.

I should have clarified - this is for recording and playing back user motion at runtime, not for recording character animation