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Movement SDK - High Fidelity Sample - Problem With Feet


I am trying to convert the MovementHighFidelity sample scene (Meta Movement v4.4.0 with Meta XR SDK v62.0.0) to support the full body tracking and rendering instead of just upper body.

I adjusted the OVRBody and OVRCustomSkeleton scripts to use Full Body and used the 'Auto Map Bones' button on OVRCustomSkeleton to add the additional lower body bones. I enabled the lower body meshes in both the first person and mirrored avatars. 

When I run the sample on device, leg movement seems to be working but the feet of the high fidelity avatar are distorted as shown in the attached image.

I understand there are some differences between the MovementHighFidelity (upper body only?) and MovementRetargeting (full body) scenes. Specifically the use of Movement Samples -> Body Tracking -> Animation Rigging Retargeting script. If I follow the walkthrough docs and add this script, the feet display properly.


1) Why aren't the MovementHighFidelity sample docs more clear about having to make these changes?

2) Why is the Retargeting Layer Script required just to make the feet mesh look normal when everything else including the leg and feet movements seem to work without it?