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MySql Connection Works in Unity but not form my quest

Level 2
I have a quest headset where I;m developing an application that needs to use MySQL (I know this isn't the preferred SQL database for many reasons, but it is my only option). In unity I have the connection properly working and am able to post and receive information from the database, but I am unable to do so from the headset. I have Internet permissions required, but can't for the life of me figure out why the application is not connecting with the database when run stand alone. The database is not local so Its not one of the obvious localhost problems.
Any help is appreciated!

Level 2
I have exactly the same problem, everything works correct in unity, but once installed in oculus quest the database connection does not work at all. Did you find any solution? Thanks

Level 4
How are you connecting to the database? In my app we connect through php calls and everything works fine on the quest. 

Level 2
Hello, I use php calls too. It seems like internet permissions are not set. I changed Android manifest manually, but still nothing, maybe Im doing something wrong. How can I set the Internet permission? Thanks