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NativeVideoPlayer SetPlaybackSpeed crashes app

Honored Guest
Hi. I'm building an app for the Oculus Quest and am basing it off of the Stereo180Video Sample Scene. However, when trying to set the playback speed of the video to anything other than 1, the video lags horribly for a few seconds and then the app crashes. I'm using NativeVideoPlayer.SetPlaybackSpeed(2f); to set the speed.

In the Exoplayer docs it says that the video may be laggy if the app is running as a debug build instead of a release build.
So, I've made sure to uncheck the "Development Build" checkbox in the Build Settings of Unity. I've also added a signing key to the android publishing settings. Is there anything else I need to do to make the app a release build?

Does anyone know of anything else that may be causing this issue or how to debug it?