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Noisy pixelated glitch in the display

Honored Guest

Hi. Developing in Unity. When running in standalone Quest 2 I get random pixel glitches mostly at the right display of the Quest2.

This is not my capture, but this guy had the same problem and mine looks exactly the same:


Streamable Video


Quest 2 Standalone 
Hand tracking
Unity 2020.3.26f1
Render pipeline URP. 10.8.1
Oculus XRPlugin 1.11.2
Graphics API GLES 3
The failure is random. Sometimes it is shown, other times it is absent.
The optimizations seem to help but do not solve the problem.
Tested different scenes, different unity project version, with different shaders and not solved. Just a medium/high demand on the GPU seems to make the glitch to be shown.
Tested  in 3 different headsets (MQ2)
The problem doesn't seem to appear using Link, but I'm not completely sure.

It started appearing after updating the MQ2 software. The older version of the software (maybe over a year ago) did not show the glitch.
Thank you for any information regarding this.

Honored Guest

Sorry if it is not helpful but I am very sorry for you that you couldn't get any reply on that for over a year... Meta seems to totally ignore this issue and I am still having it with ALVR since the late v50s.