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Not connecting to leaderboards after pushing to Alpha channel

Level 4
So I am having an issue with my app's leaderboards. They work while testing in the Unity editor - they are hooked up and writing to/reading from the leaderboards we have on the developer dashboard, but after uploading a build to the Alpha channel, I consistently get the "No Internet" error message, meaning the app is unable to connect to the leaderboards. I saw something in a forum post from 2017 about how leaderboard API names might be case sensitive and might have to be lowercase, so I made a test leaderboard called test_100, and got it hooked up and working in the editor, but once again got the same No Internet error message after uploading to Alpha. I haven't yet tried it without the underscore and numbers, so I will do that in a bit, but does anyone have any ideas/has anyone seen this issue before? I am using Unity version 2017.4.17f1, Oculus Utilites version 1.36.0, OVRPlugin version 1.36.0, SDK version 0.0.0. Thanks!