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OVR LipSync Open Source


Meta created a great lip sync tool with OVR LipSync. Looking at how Meta is slowly becoming the Open Source leader, I was wondering if they would ever make this plugin Open Source and let the community develop it further. It seems stuck in limbo. Saw this video on how they initially had plans to even bring it to iOS and MacOS here . I feel it has so much more potential then only being stuck on headsets. 

What do you guys think? Do you think we can encourage Meta to Open Source OVR Lipsync?


Honored Guest

This is would be a very productive move.  The OVRLipSync library dates back to 2015 and doesn't get any active support. 

It's still not got a Linux version!

Releasing the source code would allow the community to fill this and other important gaps that are not being prioritized.

Additionally, the specific set of visemes generated by this library has become the de facto standard for all avatars in the absence of any alternative, so a lot of assets depend on it.

I've posted a similar issue in the Godot forums

This move should be consistent with their strategy of support for the Godot platform in terms of its capability to deploy apps on the Quest.