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OVR Overlay Via Render Texture Placement Issues

Level 2
Unity Version 2019.1.7f1


I've been looking into getting a better looking UI as an interface, currently using a World space canvas and UGUI Images, but it appears to have a decent amount of aliasing and text on panels is blurry.

Recently I've discovered the OVROverlay which is rendered by the compositor, and after doing an initial test, the quality difference is HUGE. I don't want to go back to world space canvas / application rendering.

Although my UI panels have interactive elements to them. IE. if you hover over a button it highlights, you can click buttons to fade things in and out, etc. So I need to use the "Dynamic Texture", which entails setting up a separate camera that renders to a rendertexture, which is then fed to the OVROverlay component. I've done that and pointed a separate camera at my UI but the colliders aren't matching up completely..

 My question- Is there any easier way to line this up with accuracy? Rather than making a new APK build everytime (Developing for Oculus GO)? Is it down to the different camera settings? Any advice here would be appreciated. I tried using the OVROverlay sample scene as a reference but it wasn't super helpful for my use case.

Thank you!


Level 4
I am using the OVR Overlay layers to something very similar for Oculus Go. I had been using a similar world space canvas with unity buttons etc... Once started switching to the OVR Overlay layer, It became very hard to do UI mainly because the OVR Overlay layer does not render in the editor. I am still using my old buttons, all of which are now transparent, with the OVR overlay layer trying to match the world space UI. It sounds like we are both doing it very similar to each other which is obviously hacky and not a good workflow. 

I imagine a better workaround would be to create a OVROverlayButton class that uses the OVROverlay mesh quad verticies to know the dimensions of the overlay then creating a custom button with that information. I would eventually like to have something like that but its something I would need to take some time to look at and figure out. I am continuously working with the Go so if I make any progress I will report back.