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OVR not initializing

Level 2
I am trying to upgrade a Unity plugin from 2017.2 to 2019.1.5. The Unity plugin has a backend API that uses the SDK and has it included as external dependencies. When upgrading my Unity version it forced me to upgrade the version of the OVR plugin used by Unity as I was getting errors. I did that and a feature of the plugin was no longer working. I debugged my C++ dll and it appears that OVR is not initializing ion the API. I get error code -1004, ovrError_NotInitialized.
I tried upgrading the version of the OVR SDK used by the API from 1.19.0 to 1.37.0 but it still doesn't work. It's possible I did something wrong as I wasn't the original person who set this up and I am way more experienced with Unity and C# than C++ and having external files. Unity 2019.1.5 is currently using the 1.37.0 version of the OVR Utilities Plugin. Thanks. Any and all help is appreciated.
Here is the code that initializes it in the API:

 auto status = ovr_Initialize(nullptr);
if (OVR_SUCCESS(status)) {
g_ovrInitialized = true;
} else {
ovrErrorInfo info;
cout << "ovr_Initialize() failed! " << info.ErrorString << endl;