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OVRHeadsetEmulator doesn't move the view in the Game panel

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I would like to be able to emulate the headset while developing in Unity, so I don't have to build to a device whenever I want to test. However, the OVR Headset Emulator doesn't move the view in the Game panel during play mode. The values of Head Pose Relative Offset Rotation are changing in the script, but I can't move the camera around to look at different things or interact with the UI. I have tried using Unity 2018.2.7, 2018.2.2, and 2017.4.11, and Oculus Integration 1.29. 

Am I missing something? Has anyone else encountered this?

Thank you kindly.

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I played UnityEditor using Oculus Link and it worked fine. I have not changed any code.


I think this is not a bug.  This is because it didn't work when I wasn't using Oculus Link initially, but it worked after I enabled OculusLink.


Runtime Environment :
Unity v.2020.3Unity v.2020.3.17f1
OculusIntegration v.32

Still works for me in 2021 on version 2020.3.18.f1. Thanks this was really helpful.

Confirming Unity 2022.1 @filipefmiranda 's solution is still working and still required for HMD emulation in the editor. Can this bug be reported somewhere it will be read by the dev team? 


Oculus Integration version 46.0 - October 21, 2022

Oculus XR Version 3.0.2 - June 08, 2022


Same issue after upgrading Unity from 2019 to 2021 LTS and Oculus Integration package to 49.0.
Indeed, as suggested by @filipefmiranda, "fixing" 


in OVRManager.cs seems to be the solution. IMHO it's because when using OpenXR SDK InitOVRManager() is called only if OVRPlugin is intialized, but it should be called too if you're running the app in the Unity editor, here is fix suggestion:

    // Oculus/VR/Scripts/OVRMajnager.cs
    private void Awake()
		//For legacy, we should initialize OVRManager in all cases.
		//For now, in XR SDK, only initialize if OVRPlugin is initialized.
        if (OVRPlugin.initialized)

 N.B: By the way where is the Oculus Unity documentation page about the key bindings to move head (and use controllers) from the game view of the Unity editor? I was unable to find it.

and they still have yet to fix this in 2023

still there in 2023 as well

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It still does not work in 2024 editing the OVRManager script enabled me to move the camera but what about input and hand interaction simulation? I tried the Meta XR Simulator event, but that didn't work either.