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OVRInput.GetLocalControllerAngularVelocity() reversed on Quest builds


It appears this may have been a bug for a long while but there seems to be a gap between 2020 and now where no one has posted about it.


When using the OVRInput.GetLocalControllerAngularVelocity() method in the Unity editor with Quest link (basically being treated as a Rift) the method gives you correct velocity. But in Quest builds the velocity is reversed.


Is there any reason for this or is it just a bug? I understand it's an easy work around to just check the headset type and reverse it if its a Quest but that's not very intuitive. 



Upon further investigation it looks like the OVRInput.GetLocalAngularVelocity() method returns world space angular velocity in quest builds, but local angular velocity in the editor/rift emulation via link cable? 


I assume this is a bug? Should the method not return the same results between quest and rift?