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OVRManager and XR Plugin Management

Level 3

I want to clarify because it's not entirely clear from Oculus or Unity documentation. If we use the new XR Plugin Management, should we be using OVRManager/OVRCameraRig or are those supposed to be replaced by the plugin management?


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It depends on how important cross-platform support is to you. If you're only targetting Oculus Quest, I'd keep using OVRManager/OVRCamerRig because there are features that are easier to access through OVRManager (120hz mode, Hand Tracking, etc.). Some of this stuff either isn't implemented in Unity's XR system, or is buggy/poorly documented.


If you want to support every PC VR headset, you might want to go with Unity's XR systems. It's a bit of a headache though, as you'll see looking through Unity's VR forums. And there will be a big QA problem ironing out the quirks in every headset/controller combo.