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OVROverlay Underlay issue

Level 2
@imperativity et al: I have an Oculus Go/Samsung GearVR Application developed using Unity. Since I am relatively new to Oculus Overlay renderings and the documentations ( for beginners ) are far from ideal, I need the forum's help.

Scenario: I am trying to play a video. The texture is obtained from Native Android Exoplayer, Blit for Left/Right Eye and populated through OverrideOverlayTextureInfo. Also, I have a static cubemap  which I would like to render it behind the video.
For design purpose, Underlay was chosen to be the Overlay shape. I would like the the cylindrical video to be underlayed in front of the cubemap.

Expected Scenario : A scene which has the static cubemap and the video playing.

Actual Scenario : An empty scene with just the audio playing. Currently, I am in 1.28. Backtraced and it seems to be working in 1.14.

1) Skybox Settings => Solid Color Background :  (255,255,255,0).
2) Projection : Perspective.
4) Composition depth: 1 for cylindrical video. 2 for cubemap ( As per the documentation -  /// The compositionDepth defines the order of the OVROverlays in composition. The overlay/underlay with smaller compositionDepth would be composited in the front of the overlay/underlay with larger compositionDepth.)
5) Unity :2018.2.0f2 ( same behavior in Unity 2017.2 )
6 OVR : 1.28

Possible Trials from my side:

1) Changed the Skybox settings from Alpha = 0 through 1. Still an empty scene.
2) Debugged the information going into OverrideOverlayTextureInfo from my app. The information seems to be the same on both OVR 1.14 and OVR 1.28. And yet 1.28 renders an empty scene and last known version to work for me was 1.14.
3) Changed from  OVRPlugin.LayerFlags.TextureOriginAtBottomLeft to OVRPlugin.LayerFlags.NoAllocation. Still an empty scene.

What/where possibly is my setup or process incorrect?  Please help.

Thanks and Cheers,


Level 2
any answer? i have the same problem

Level 3
Have you set the Composition Depths correctly?
Background needs a higher value than the videoplayer.
It may seem backwards, but it is how OVROverlay works.

Example, set background to 1 and videoplayer to 0.