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OVRPlayerController not working - Hands moving with Camera

Level 3

I have been at this issue for over a week and I have seen similar posts on the forum that have been left unanswered so please if anyone knows how to solve it kindly let me know how.


I'm using OculusInteractionSampleRig and onto it I added as a child or even attempted into the parent folder the OVRPlayerController and all the other necessary components such as Character COntroller, OVR Scene Sample Controller, OVR Debug Info, Character Camera Constraint and mapped the OVRCameraRig. However, when doing so the controllers work fine but the hand prefabs show up in the incorrect position and also move along the camera as I tilt my head or rotate around.


This is an Oculus issue as even using the Locomotion Sample scene by Oculus themselves, the controllers are in the correct position but the hands aren't.


Kindly find some screenshots of the setup. I really need the OVRPlayerController to work for my school project.






Level 2

I had the same issue of the hands rotating along with with the camera. I solved it by "HMD rotates Y" parameter in the OVR Player Controller