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Oculus AudioPluginOculusSpatializer in Unity 2019.1.11f1 no longer able to integrate fully?

Level 3
Integrating the Oculus Audio SDK into Unity on Windows... tried everything, no combination of packages / files seems to fully work right now.
  • You have to install the Oculus integration from the Unity package manager, otherwise the DLL do not show up in the project settings.
  • Then you have to install the Oculus Audio SDK separately otherwise you cannot access the required scripts.
  • If you try to add occlusion that fails, as the script cannot access the AudioPluginOculusSpatializer.dll installed from the Unity package.
  • Error is on the dllimport which gives a dllnotfoundexception.
Anyone found a way to get this working recently or can point me in the right direction? 

// WildStyle

Level 3
So I was able to get this working:
  1. Installed the Oculus integration from the Unity package manager.
  2. Installed the Oculus integration from Asset Store.
  3. Updated the Spatializer plugin from the Oculus menu.
  4. Selected the Oculus Spatializer Plugin in Project Settings > Audio.
  5. Restarted Unity.
  6. Added the ONSPPropagationGeometry script and it worked.

Other issues to note:
  • ONSPPropagationGeometry throws errors on GameObject's that have a name longer than 30 characters.
  • If you get an error be sure to reset ONSPPropagationGeometry script before retrying (after shortening file path).
  • When you bake the ONSPPropagationGeometry it adds a ONSPPropagationMaterial script autmatically, unfortunately it does this every time you bake, so edit / fix this in the script.
// WildStyle