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Oculus Avatar missing and Oculus Hand Custom Scene hands gameObject bug?

Level 2

Hi, I'm new in using Quest for Unity VR Development and I noticed something on Oculus Integration package on the Unity Store. In the overview it stated that there's an Avatar package that contains the scripts and prefabs to add Oculus Avatars to the app. But as I opened up the Package Content, the Avatar folder is missing. This confuses me as I needed to try some of my other VR assets that I got and most of them needed the OVRAvatar asset. Does the newest update removes them??

*Edit I just found out that the OVRAvatar on the newest update have been placed on a different package that can be downloaded in Meta Resources page

**Edit again, I tried using the free package called VR Interaction from Unity Asset Store, and noticed that it needs OVRAvatar script and in the newest package the script is gone.

And one more thing, when opening the HandTest_Custom.scene from the Oculus Integration Package, I noticed that the hands does not animate following the controller. For Example, right hand when I point forward with the controller does not animate pointing forward and vice versa.


Is this right? Or do I need to add another script?