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Oculus Go doesn't like the Google Mobile Services


I am trying to export a Gear Vr app to Oculus Go. It works well if I install it directly from my computer to Oculus Go but the problem is when I try to upload it to Oculus store. It says "The package uses Google Mobile Services, which is not supported on this device."

My Gear vr app has several plugins(like TextMesh Pro) and it doesn't have Unity services integrated. I have deleted all the permissions on androidmanifest.xml for google.I have not seen anything in the code that uses the google services, but it didn't work. My app still works in gear vr but is not supported for the oculus go.

My questions is, How could I know what google services my app is using?

I think, the warning message could be more detailed.

I am using Unity 5.6.6f2. with oculus utilities 1.27.

Thank you.


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Are you able to provide us list of plugins you are using? Possible you be running some example code which has google services integrated (such as social/google login).

I found the problem. 

AWS sdk for Unity includes a helper library file "aws-unity-sns-gcm-helper.jar" in the S3 unitypackage. it uses the google services.

I removed it from my project and my apk is compatible with Oculus Go.

by the way, I would like oculus gives more information when this happens.

Thank you for the help.

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How did you find this out, @freseco ? I'm having the same problem but I have no idea where the Google services is being included.

Hi falldeaf,

What sdk are you using?

I removed sdk's one by one until I could upload the app to the oculus store. Once located the jdk or plugin, I tried to remove unnecessary files.

Fortunately removing "aws-unity-sns-gcm-helper.jar" worked for my and my app doesn't have problem.

I hope this helps you.

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Hey thanks for responding! I ended up removing the Adobe Analytics mobile tracking library and that did it. I'm really confused about why, it has nothing to do with Google that I'm aware of. And nothing in a code search turned up. I'd like to be able track numbers using the same corporate tools that we use for our other products so that there's a 1-1 comparison with stats.

I put in a ticket over a four or five days ago with the submission team and still haven't heard back. I'm guessing it's a small team with a lot to do. I'm really hoping my submission to the store goes smoothly. I saw another comment on this forum of a user asking why it had been months since he'd heard anything about his submission. I've got to launch in less than a month and a half or so to hit deadline so that worried the heck out of me.