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Oculus Go height/position/tracking

I am trying to set the Oculus Go's and Oculus Quest's height manually (Quest in tracking disabled state). Since those are then 3-DOF headsets, this should be easy. Unfortunately, using Oculus Integrations' OVRPlugin, depending on whether I set Unity's InputTracking.disablePositionalTracking to true or false, this is possible or not. This means even though the two headsets do not support positional tracking (hardware or setting), they fix the camera to about (0f, 1,7f, 0f).
I then tried to read OVRPlugin.positionSupported, but that reads true. Why is that? hardware does not even support it, or tracking support was disabled.

What I want is:
- If the HMD is capable and configured to support positional tracking (Quest, Rift...), I want to use it
- If it's not capable or tracking is disabled (Oculus Go, disabled tracking on Quest), I don't want anything to override the camera position

What do I have to do, or, why does this not work out of the box as expected?

I'm using:
Unity 2018.4.15f1
Oculus Integration 14.0
Oculus Android 1.38.6