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Oculus Quest controller animations

Level 2
Hi, I was wondering if there exists controller animations for Oculus Quest to be used in Unity? Similar to the Rift touch controllers? So that I could visually see when a button/trigger is pressed for example. I can find the quest model but it seems that it's not split into separate parts (as in buttons, trigger, thumbstick). Perhaps I'm just missing a prefab somewhere? Thanks!

Level 2
Hi, for anyone looking with Oculus Integration v12

In the toolbar Oculus -> Avatars -> Edit settings and paste your App ID code (created on the Oculus developer website)
Then drop in a LocalAvatar prefab from Oculus/Avatar/Content/Prefabs folder.

And set-up as desired the options.

This worked for me to get a visible animated controller (moving buttons when pressed and joystick) + hands that map correctly to the controller.