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Oculus Quest with Custom Hands - Animations suddenly stopped working.

Level 3

Had an app working with hand controllers and animated "CustomHands". Suddenly the hands stopped animating and I checked the blend tree where I found all the animation references had been removed. All the hand animations had been changed to "humanoid" idea why. Now, I can't switch them back to generic which seems to be what they are supposed to be based on my other project where they are still functioning normally.


I am working in 2020.3.20f1 and I have another project where the hands still work so I copied the animation folder with meta files over to the non working project but of course Unity instantly overwrites them and screws them up again.


I am out of ideas. I also tried replacing the entire directory for "\Oculus\SampleFramework\Core\CustomHands\" but it did nothing.


Anyone else seen anything like this?