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Oculus Quit App not working

Level 4
I'm developing an app for Rift and Quest. Works great on Quest, but on the Rift when I hit the Oculus button and select "Quit App" the HMD goes to the menu, but the app continues to run in the background with full tracking, everything. I have to switch to the PC and ALT+F4 to close it. Is there a callback I have to implement to manually handle this situation?

For reference, this is a build that has been uploaded to the dashboard and downloaded through a BETA channel.

Unity 2019.4.3f1, using Oculus XR Plugin (not full integration)

Level 4
hmm, that works fine for us. As far as I know, when you say "Quit App" within oculus, it should do the same exact thing as you pressing the "x" button in the corner. Is that not happening? Have you checked the logs..perhaps there is some OnApplicationQuit / shutdown that's failing. 

Level 4
Sorry I didn't get notified of the reply. So quick update that it seems to be a known issue with the Unity XR plugin: the forum won't let me post the link but it's the Unity Manual for the Oculus XR Plugin v0.8
I'm actually on plugin v1.4.3 but it's still happening along with a couple other issues on that known issues list.

Level 4
Account upgraded so here's the link. Known issues aren't listed on later version of the plugin, but I'm on 1.4.3 and it failed both the TestAppShouldQuit and TestSubmitFramesWhenNotVisible VRC tests.

Level 4
Solved it (sort of). OVRManager events do not fire unless you have an instance of OVRManager in your scene. So if you're using the Oculus XR Plugin, you still need to install the standard Oculus plugin, and place an OVRManager component somewhere. After that, OVRManager events will fire as expected, including application quit.

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Hi Mightycoconut

Were you able to quit by code?

Did you use an OVR event (how?) or did you use the standard Unity Quit?