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Oculus Spatializer for Wwise integration Wwise version 2023.1

Honored Guest

Hi everyone! 

I integrated wwise 2023.1.3 and in Unity version 2022.2.21f1 and building a VR game for the Oculus Quest 3. I found that I need the Oculus Spatializer for Wwise integrated. But it only exists for the versions 2022.1 and 2021.1 of wwise. How can I do it for my Wwise version? I also considered downgrading the Wwise version but this seems to be very tidious as well. 

Thank you for your help!


Honored Guest

Sorry no one has answered you yet. The Oculus Spatializer is end of life and is no longer supported.

WWise 2023 now uses Audio Objects instead and depends on the output of your device as to what it will mix down to - ie Dolby Atmos style.