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Oculus will only enter play mode once in Unity

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I am trying to play test an Oculus game through the Unity Editor. Unity will only enter play mode once through the Oculus Link Dash. I have to restart Unity to get it to work again, every time after it playing that first time. It will play in Unity at that point, but not Oculus. I am using a secondary account on my Oculus. Oculus Link app on the computer is logged into that account. However, I can not sync the Oculus to the Oculus phone app. I can log in with the second account, just not connect my Oculus. The latter issue is a known issue, so I'm wondering if that is why this is so buggy.

All apps and firmwares are up to date. Also as a side note, Dash will get this "Fatal Error: Push any button to restart Dash" so I wonder if that is contributing to this issue. Other people in my office get the same fatal error. I'm using Quest 2.

Is anyone else having this play mode issue?



Hi, I have the same issue. In my case I am using the META avatar SDK and I deactivated the objects linked to the SDK in the scene and it worked again. I am not sure if that can help you in your case but just wanted to share this information. Good luck!


I am also experiencing this but I found if I switch to the legacy OVRPlugin, it works every time.  The setting is Oculus-->Tools-->OVR Utilities Plugin and then select legacy instead of OpenXR.  I have several problems with the OpenXR setting but I have to use it because eye tracking isn't supported on the legacy plugin.  But, for development only, I've been using the legacy OVRPlugin since play mode is much faster than deploying an apk.