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Patch an APK from within a APK

Honored Guest

Hi all,

I'm new to Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and android development. So far I've been using Unity 3D to create VR applications.

I am looking for a way to patch the changes in an installed APK from within the APK.

So the flow which I have is this:

  1. On app load, check for any updates.
  2. If update is found, download it and shows progress.
  3. On completion, the app closes and patching begins.
  4. After patch update, the APK starts again.

I've seen this flow before in few mobile APK's but since I am a clean slate in android development, I don't know where to look for or how to start. I just want to do away from the oculus developer hub.

Any suggestions or help are welcome.

Thank you


Honored Guest
While patching an APK from within another APK seems feasible, it's technically challenging and not recommended for beginners. It requires knowledge of Android development, including decompiling, modifying, and recompiling APKs, while ensuring proper signing and security. Consider alternative solutions like:
1- Dynamic Feature Modules: This official approach allows you to deliver updates as separate APKs downloaded on-demand at runtime, avoiding the need for app closure and patching.
2- App Update API: This API allows you to download and install APK updates seamlessly in the background, minimizing user disruption.
3- Remote Config: This allows you to configure app behavior remotely without requiring an app update.
These solutions offer better security, maintainability, and user experience compared to in-app patching. If you are new to Android development, focus on learning these standard approaches before venturing into advanced techniques like in-app patching.

Thanks for sharing each step in detail. I will use it for my apk website