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Platform Entitlement rejecting users since last update


I've been successfuly loging to Platform SDK with admin and test user credentials without any issues, but now user checking refuse any user (not authorised to use this app + Oculus.ID and Oculus.UserID empty) when running the app on the headset. It still works while in the Editor Play mode.
I can't say why since I didn't changed any line of code, but I've done several updates (headset version, switched to new Meta XR package, updated Unity application, etc.)

So I did a factory reset of the quest 3, I also did check the users entitlements and app settings, but I still can't figure what is responsible.

Any help would be apreciated.



We are having the exact same trouble. Have you found a solution for this yet?

Expert Protege

I ran into a similar issue. I had to add my own account as a test account to the app registered on a private applab channel. If you haven't already, first upload a build to a private applab channel. Then, on the oculus developer dashboard, navigate to (your app) > 'Distribution' > 'Release Channels' > Click on number under 'Users' > 'Email invite user' > and enter your own email