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Private applications development in 2024

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I am wondering if private VR Unity developed apps are still able to be sideloaded onto Meta Quest 3 for use in smaller business cases where someone would not be interested in publicizing their application.

I’m sure the answer to this question is floating around somewhere on the forum. I found a response from 2019 confirming this is doable, but was hoping for an up to date response. 


Thank you for reading and for your patience! I am new to this.



I do not know specifically about sideloading, but I always understood you cause your self OS/support issues if you sideload..  also I think the effort to sideload vs using something like the developer solution for beta testing which is "closed" may be better for you..  you just invite the user via the developer portal? 

I sideload all of our apps. You need the developer account enabled and this sometimes gets deactivated by OS updates but otherwise all works fine. Use test users so the headsets don't have full access to the store and a service like ArborXR if you want to provide a custom launcher and mobile device management

I appreciate your advice! I was finally able to find Meta’s page on creating private apps, and it seems just like you said. Enable developer mode > go through App Lab > privately load/deploy app. It also looks like there’s an option to distribute keys and/or links which is great. Thank you for your help!