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Honored Guest

Hey, so i am working on a unity project that involves the communication between the quest 2 and an esp32 with BLE. My ESP32 supports bluetooth 5.2, and i am trying to leverage the speeds of that technology but it seems that quest 2 is my bottleneck. Now i know for a fact that quest 2 comes with bluetooth 5.0, and i also know from the received data on my esp32 that the quest 2 supports the 2MBps speeds i have set on my esp32. I know that because when i send the data from the quest 2 to the esp32 th received data's Phy parameters for rx and tx are indeed 2MBps, if quest 2 did not support it i would revert back to the default speeds of 1MBps. To connect my unity project with ble i am using this plugin from the asset store:
But it seems that this plugin doesn't have the capability of changing the phy parameters on the quest 2 side. 
Dis anyone manage to change the ble speeds/parameters on the quest 2? 
Any help is appreciated, Thanks