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Quest 2 frame stutter when woke from sleep-mode

Level 2

This bug (apparent frame loss or stale frames) is peculiar as it appears randomly when a game is first loaded, or on the condition when the Quest two is woken from standby/sleep mode and loads back into a game. Even more strangely, opening and closing the Oculus menu completely fixes the issue (menu button on the right controller).

Specifically, for anywhere from 5 seconds to a few minutes after starting the game, a peculiar frame stutter becomes apparent when the player camera is moving quickly. Opening and closing the Oculus menu makes the bug go away 100% of the time, but putting the Quest 2 into standby mode and turning it back on causes the bug to reappear.

The problem appears to eventually fix itself and the frames become smooth again, but it will come back if sleep mode occurs.


Level 2

Replying with additional info:
This bug occurs on unity versions 2021, 2022, and 2023, but I could not reproduce the issue on Unity 2020.
I'm using URP and Vulkan but have not specifically tested against these to see if they're related to the issue. Right now I suspect it is related to oculus package versions.