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Quest tracking

Level 2

I have some issues with Quest 2 tracking. My team is developing a multiplayer game with with free movement. We have an empty 8x8m area, where players can walk  with their feets. Our environment had designed for this area. 

So, we draw and disable guardian zone, and then each place ocusus controllers at the same place for all players. During our game, each player see each other. Everything works well, but sometimes oculus camera jump away from playing area. There is no any tracking lost event, oculus still see both controller, but player cannot continue to play, because he doesn't see other players model in their real world position. If I open oculus menu, I see that floor level is still at the right place.

We are using Unity for development, and ovrCameraRig prefab, with their default settings.

We don't have direction sunlight at our playing area, and our floor have enough contrast elements

Is there any possible ways to solve this issue