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Quick invites not sending

Honored Guest

Hi, we're having some issues with quick invites using the group presence system. We set a group presence session using GroupPresence.Set, which appears to work as I can see my current session in the quest UI. When we then attempt to send invites using GroupPresence.SendInvites, we get a success response, however the sent invites return with nulls for every element excluding the recipient ID, and the other user does not receive the invite. The ID of the recipient appears to be correct, as it is the same ID shown for the user in the API section when looking in our application of the developer backend. Unsure if we're missing another step here, as we also tried using GetInvitableUsers, passing in the ID in the InviteOptions, which just returns an empty UserList. Additionally the account we are trying to invite is also not showing in the quest UI when using the Invite panel, despite being public and having activity sharing enabled for both users.