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RESOLVED [Help Request - Unity Gear VR] Continually failing on store Displays Prompt Technical Test

Honored Guest
For the past few days I have struggled with the review process for the Oculus Gear VR store. The remaining issue is as follows:

It appears that your app does not support entitlement checks to prevent unauthorized use of your content. Documentation on how to add entitlement checks can be found here:

This is a Unity Gear VR project with an OVRCameraRig game object with a script that I attached called OculusEntitlementCheck.cs. I simply check for Entitlements and kill the app if there is an error like the Oculus documentation suggests. You can view my script here:

(I have added my appId from the Oculus Store in the Unity GUI).

The issues that I can see is that this was project was built on an older version of Unity using an older version of the Oculus Utilities. The current version of the dependencies are:
  • Oculus Utilities v1.12.0.
  • Oculus Platform v1.19.0.
  • Unity 2017.2.0f3 Personal
The version of Utilities that I used previously was known to always fail on Entitlement checking. Using the latest version of Utilities causes my scene to distort in runtime with the orientation of the camera and I would prefer to avoid rebuilding this aspect.

If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate your input. I read that making a whole new app on the store is a solution so I may try that next failing a lack of advice here as I seem to be doing everything required by Oculus. Thanks for reading.

Honored Guest
For anyone struggling with this issue, I took the advice of an old forum post related to Gear VR Unity store submission and simply remade it on the oculus app dashboard to get a new app id. Best of luck if you are stuck in this process!

Honored Guest
We are releasing a new app and found the entitlement check to continually fail again. We went back and forth with support who thankfully found us a working solution but I don't believe its documented, so here is what we have to do:
  • In Unity's project view, navigate to \Plugins\Android\libs\armeabi-v7a\
  • In the inspector window, unselect "Any Platform", "Editor", and "Standalone", and then only check "Android". Verify that CPU type is set as "ARMv7". Click Apply.
  • Rebuild the app.
The entitlement check should now work. We tried a ton of different things and this was the only way to resolve it.