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[RESOLVED] The current MSAA level is 0, but the recommended MSAA level is...

Level 3
I wanted to share the solution I discovered for this message I kept getting every frame, and actually prevented my game from submitting frames to the display on Quest, resulting in a totally black screen.  I was seeing the message, "The current MSAA level is 0, but the recommended MSAA level is 4. Switching to the recommended level." spamming the AdbLogcat.  I have deduced that this occurred because I'm on 2019.3 using the Universal Render Pipeline, which means Unity doesn't use, and in fact hides, the MSAA setting in Quality settings, but rather relies on this setting to be set in the scriptable render pipeline asset.  But OVRManager appears to be looking at Quality settings and tries to make the change there. When the change doesn't take since Unity isn't using that setting anymore, it repeats the process over again and infinitely tries to change the MSAA settings.

If you have an OVRManager script on a GameObject anywhere in your project, make sure to disable the "Use Recommended MSAA Level" setting.  Mine was being instantiated at runtime, so I had to accomplish this via code:

OVRManager.instance.useRecommendedMSAALevel = false;

That should fix it.  Hope that helps someone out there.

Level 2
Excellent. Thank you kind person.

Level 2

Hi, does anyone know where to actually change the MSAA level to 4 in case you want to resolve the error that way?