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Rainbow noisy pixels

Honored Guest

Hi, I am developing app for Quest 2 on Unity. After one of spring Quest OS updates performance had degraded at times. The most frustrating rainbow noisy pixels on the right side. I uploaded demo apk file in which you can see this problem. I tried to change tones of Unity settings, but nothing helps. I see a lot of posts about this problem. Hope you find solution. My team is very demotivated with this issue.

Some technical details.

I use compute shaders and Unity Graphics.DrawMeshInstancedIndirect

Maybe this problem is related to translucent materials, I have a larger number of transparent particles being drawn. Before update app had good performance with 150k particles, after problems begin after 50k particles.

With OpenGL framerate better, on Vulkan performance loss worse.

Rainbow pixels problem have both, but seems Vulkan slightly less.

For some reason, when I try to record a video through the Meta Quest Developer Hub, the problem disappears, so I uploaded the APK with problem