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Re- Centering OVR player using button not working

Honored Guest

I'm attempting to re-center the OVR Camera Rig using a button on a canvas in my Unity project. I'm using the Oculus Integration version 57.0.1, specifically for hand tracking without controllers. Despite trying the RecenterPose() function, it doesn't seem to have any effect on my Quest 2 headset.

I've attempted to use this function both within the OVRManager script and in a new script, but neither approach seems to work. When testing the function using Debug.Log, I can see that it's being called, but there's no observable change in re-centering the camera rig.

Here's the function I've been using:

public void RecenterPlayer(){

I've also explored alternative solutions mentioned in a forum thread, but none of them have proven successful for me: 

Could anyone provide assistance with this issue?



This function doesn't work on Quest, only Desktop 😞

Do you need to trigger a system recenter? Can't you just reset your player's pose in-game?