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Rift S is broken

Honored Guest
After 2 days trying to get Unity to work with controllers inputs with no luck, my HMD bugged out and now its splitting the screen horizontally. When looking inside the HMD i can see with each eye 2 screens ( or 2 of each half on every side ). Before this happened i thought the problem was with unity, since the controllers worked perfectly in the Oculus desktop and oculus apps, but now this broken screen effect is won't go away no meter what i do. Here is what I tried so far:*
* Reconnecting the device ( unplugging the USB & display port )
* Restarting app and Oculus services ( for some reason there where 3 services just for the headset )
* Restarting windows


Honored Guest
Edit: restarted again, and it's now back to normal.