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RigidBodies are not working at All when added to Objects. what to do?

Hi , i posted before and this is frustrating. I asked people in Unity forums and they say this is a VR issue because it wouldn't be happening other wise.

I simly have my surface with box collider. Then my object with Collider(Box, or Sphere), and a Rigidbody on it. And when i put my Ques 2 and look at the surface....

a) If the Collision detection of the rigidbody was set to discrete the object is not even there...It probably fell through the surface

b) If i set the Collision detection to continous, Continous Speculative or Continous Dynamic, the Object is moving around, rotating, and acting weird like if it was a bug.

What's going on?



Is this only hapening to me? I tried it both in Unity 2021.1.28 and 2021.3.8f1 LST and its the same.


If you want to see the Whole scene with multiple objects ( with Box or sphere colliders + RigidBodies) Acting weirdly spinning, moving around, here's a video i made

Video My Objects with collider + Rigidbody acting weird 


Anybody know why this happens and how to fix it? I really don't understand why all the objects are moving like crazy and then going through surfaces with colliders sometimes.