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Room scanning on Quest 3?

Honored Guest

I'm trying to figure out how to do the room scanning on Quest 3 (like in the demo app "first encounter", not the basic plane detection that sets up walls from your room setup). I'm pretty frustrated with the lack of documentation and I'm having a lot of trouble getting this going. Does anyone know how to get this setup, or just some pointers in the right direction?


As far as I know creating the room mesh creation can't be done via the Mesh API (i.e within your app). However, you can query whether it exists which then prompts the user to create a Scene Model. (see the Phanto reference app below, specifically:

Quest 3 is still very new, and some of the advertised features aren't even available yet, so be patient re. docs! 🙂 There are some resources available.

Have you tried the Phanto reference app?
It covers the Scene Mesh, Scene Model, and Scene API

The other reference app you might be interested in is Discover which covers SceneSpatial AnchorsShared Spatial Anchors, and Passthrough

Honored Guest

Hi, me and the wife have a quest 3 each and for some reason it works on mine but not on hers ? I thought it might be a light / dark room issue but scanned over and over again but still no luck.