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Runs in Unity without issues, but not on the Oculus Quest

Level 2
Hi all,

Developed a meditation app for the Quest. It was building and running on the Quest great for the past three months. I came back to make a few edits on the position of game objects, nothing major, and it no longer runs on the Quest, the older version still does. It builds to the quest successfully, but when I launch the  apk from the unknown sources folder it says "Refuge1" keeps stopping.

Worryingly, while the project use to be called simply Refuge1 in the unkown sources folder, its now called "com.meditation.refuge1". This seems to indicate it doesn't have the right folder to start.

So I ran logcat, and a couple of things standout:
First, it can't seem to find the entitlement for the apk: LibraryProvider: Cannot find entitlement for com.Meditation.Refuge1
Second, OVRLibrary: null cursor received for query content://com.oculus.ocms.library/apps/com.Meditation.Refuge1
Third,  Error opening archive /data/app/com.Meditation.Refuge1-2/base.apk: File mapping failed

This seems to indicate to me its not pointing at the right place. But I don't know for the life of me how to change that.

I am happy to provide the full logcat file if that helps.

I am running Oculus Integration 1.38, because later versions didn't play nice.
Unity Version 2019.1.14f1

All the best,


Level 2
i also have this "OVRLibrary: null cursor received for query " problem. Did you have any luck fixing it.

Level 2
To build on a quest, you have to go on top of unity layout, Oculus, plateform, edit settings and add an Id generate via the oclus dev website, Maybe it can solve your problem ?