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SDKs, scripts, middlewares, etc. useful for VR

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I copy-paste an old post I made on MTBS3d :

Let's centralize infos, tips, Q&A, homemade scripts, etc., anything related to Unity and VR.

SDKs & packages

Oculus Rift (Unity pro required)
Unity 4 : SDK
Unity 3.5.7 : Package

Workarounds for Unity Free :
VRDK: DIY Rift Camera Kit for Unity3d v1.0
(Thanks to DaveRuddell, Baristan6 and the community !)

Razer Hydra
Sixense Unity plugin
Easy start-up package & Basic demo (don't forget to credit Alex)

Package (thanks to Tobbe)

Microsoft Kinect
Kinect Wrapper Package for Unity3D

PlayStation Move controllers
Unimove (open-source plugin, only for Mac OSX 10.5 – 10.7) thanks to Copenhagen Game Collective


Leap Motion
singleton-for-super-easy-unity-3d-usage (you must be registered as leap motion developer)

Middlewares & hardware interfaces

MiddleVR (caves, clustering in beta, etc.)
getReal3D (caves, etc.)
VRPN support for Pro version : VRPNWrapper
VRPN support for "Free" version : Unity Indie VRPN Adapter (UIVA) => warning : the client-server structure adds some latency time
RUIS (Reality-based User Interface System) (Kinect-PS Move-Rift combo, for OSX and Windows)

a networking server comparison chart (read the topic the chart is not quite up to date)
Uniduino (connect Arduino to Unity)


Augmented FPSKit free
FPS Kit not free
Ultimate FPS camera not free
Majatek's McLaren Racer car physics engine free
Edy's Vehicle Physics not free
Force feedback controllers not free - demo available

VR projects with Unity :

- Wild Skies by Project Holodeck

- Volo Airsport (skydiving game) by member tinus

- The Gallery (Adventure game) by member Bishop51


Don't forget the Unity Developer Network for tips, tutos, free scripts, etc.
Unity & UDK...

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