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[SOLVED] Oculus Home & EasyMovieTexture plugin

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Hi, I'm working on GearVR app which plays a 360 video (animated logo) in startup (loading) scene. When I launch the app from Oculus Home I always get UNKNOWN_MEDIA_ERROR returned by EasyMovieTexture, which of course prevents video from playing. The same happens if I launch the app from Oculus Android app while Oculus Home is running in the background. Video plays just fine when Oculus Home is not running.

Oculus Home uses AVPro for video playback if I'm not mistaken (I've seen some messages in ADB console). Could it be that these two plugins are "fighting" with eachother?

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The app used MoviePlayerSample from the Sample Framework before I switched to EasyMovieTexture. I switched back to the MoviePlayerSample but the same thing happend. Video worked fine when launching from the Android Oculus app, but froze when launched from Oculus Home.

Then I tried to replace the video with another one (which should be the first thing to do :sweat_smile: ) and it worked. I tried to re-encode video using different settings but nothing worked. In the end I managed to resolve this by lowering video resolution a little (it was 4k before) and now it works.