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Share Spatial Anchor between devices

Level 3

Hello everyone,

I'm building an app that 2 person with 2 headset could manage the same virtual object in mixed reality with passthrough and the 2 person are local so the object have to be align and in the right place in real world.

The main issue I have right now is that I need the object be in same position referred to the real world because the user are in the same real room in passhtrough.
I thought to use Spatial Anchor but I have to do that sharable trough device, it could be possible? Someone have tips or my way to think it's completely wrong?


Level 3

Well I guess many developpers are waiting for an Oculus Integration update and some documentation about Shared Spatial Anchors.

They first showed this with "Dead and Burried" back in 2018 : it was a multi users arena scale demo. 


And more recently, Resolution games shown an early concept of their colocation game "Spatial Ops" :

And also Meta shared 4 days ago this official video :


Now i'm still wondering if they will open this feature to Q2, and not only Quest pro. I hope so, since Resolution games used both in their video.


Wait'n'see 🙂

Level 4

I was hoping to leverage this feature for a project too. 😒