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Share Spatial Anchor on custom app

Honored Guest

I'm working on a VR experience that requires all the users be on the same physical room. I've managed to get working an OVRSpatialAnchor and save it locally for later sessions. I can calibrate the VR room to match the real life room using that anchor, save the anchor and load it for repositioning the content aligned to the real world. I'm using Photon as network solution and I can have all the users on the same room. Al works fine there.

The problem is: I would like do the room calibration using only one headset and then share that anchor to other users in order to avoid calibrate the room again and again for the same session. Other users could get that anchor and automatic get the content aligned, ready to play.

I've created the app on the Oculus developer dashboard, and I've requested permissions to handle user ID and User Profile on that app, it's approved. 


So, the next steps are confused to me, should I add every headset user to the users list on the app in order to share the anchor? If not, whats the next step?

Also I can't figure the code for share , broadcast and Load that anchor on the other users headset. "The Big Picture" ( steps are barely specific about that.Please, any help will be very appreciated. Thanks.