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Shared Spatial Anchors demo is broken

Honored Guest

I followed all of the instructions on the documentation page

I requested use of User ID and User Profile in the Data Use Checkup

I specified the App ID found on the Oculus dashboard in the Oculus Platform Settings

I created the app on the Photon Dashboard and added its ID to the Photon Server Settings

I checked and re-checked that the Manifest contains all of the necessary permissions in order to use Shared Anchors.

All of the headsets I'm using are paired with a Test User I created for this app from the Oculus dashboard. 


- When I join a room, place an anchor and try to share it I get the "Failed to save anchor. Retrying..." message in a loop forever until I kill the app.

- Other headsets cannot see the room I just created

There are no additional logs.

Help would be greatly appreciated.