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So many confusing things with the SDK


I'm used to MRTK2 & 3.

Oculus SDK (/Meta SDK? this is where the confusion starts LOL!) seems very... complicated to me. Generally it is weird that there are SO many components with similar names, from OVRplugin and Oculus.Interaction. In addition, having to add a link so much stuff to OVRCameraRig just to get some hand interactions going is like... crazy! This is super error prone and time consuming.

More concretely; I want to re-create something from the DistanceGrabExample scene; being able to manipulate an object from closeup and a distance with both controllers and hands. In addition I want to support two hand scaling and manipulation as well.

Can someone explain which components I need to add where? I understand the list is going to be loooong.

This is what I have so far. What is not working for me is:

- Now the object flies to the user, I don't want that

- The object is LOCKED

- Two hand scaling is also not working, despite the fact that I added Two Grab Free Transformer.


Also I get a ton of nullreferences for the Reticle components that I copied. Do I really have to assign everything again? This is a least intuitive thing ever?




I'm getting into the Meta SDKs too and it's important to note that there are some changes happening (for the better) toward more modular and package-based SDKs.

Reading this helped me: On top of that, I believe it's really important to stick to the official documentation and forums. Previous resources and tutorials are always tempting, but might be out of date.

Expert Protege

Hi Jelmer,

Here are some of the official docs that might help you.