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[Solved] Unable to build separate NonGearVR server apk with non vr scene from GearVR project

Level 2
I am using Unity 2018.3.6f1 + Oculus Integration SDK v1.35

I need to build a server apk for LAN game that run as normal android app. I unchecked Player > XR Settings > Virtual Reality Support and build a apk. But app requesting to insert into GearVR headset on app launch. How can I turn off VR for a non VR unity scene?


Level 2
So I found this issue is there for very long. Seams like Oculus Team doesn't care to support ground breaking Unity's cross platform development with single project. 

So workaround is to move Oculus Plugin out of project/ or remove and compile it then move back Oculus Plugin back in 😐

Ref -