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Spatial Anchors bug: LoadUnboundAnchors returns null UUIDList



I am struggling trying to work with Spatial Anchors and what looks like a bug. I am creating a few gameobjects in the virtual room, adding Space Anchors to them, saving the room anchors to local storage and reloading them. I save the uuid list so I can reload the objects even if I close the app and run it again. It works fine but, in some "random" situations, the LoadUnboundAnchors returns a null UUIDList as if it were no Unbound anchors to be loaded. 

When this happens I can try and try to load them but always get the same result. But... if I create a new anchor in the session and save it, then I can reload all of them.🙄 Once they are loaded I can remove all objects and anchors and reload again and works fine.

So, it looks that I cannot load correctly the saved anchors unless I have previously saved one in the same session. I know that they are correctly saved because after creating a new anchor in the empty room I reload them succesfully.

Anyone else have this problem? 



I am using Quest 2, Unity 2022.3.11, Meta XR Core 59.

The loading sequence is something like this:

OVRSpatialAnchor.LoadOptions options = new OVRSpatialAnchor.LoadOptions
    Timeout = 0,
    StorageLocation = OVRSpace.StorageLocation.Local,
    Uuids = GetSavedAnchorsUuids() 

OVRSpatialAnchor.LoadUnboundAnchors(options, _anchorSavedUUIDList =>

    if (_anchorSavedUUIDList == null)
        //Debug.Log("Anchor list is null!");









Actually, after more tests, I can't say the bug is directly related to if you have or haven't created a spatial anchor in the current session, because sometimes it doesn't happen when you haven't created one yet and sometimes happens when you already have created one. It happens more often when you haven't created one in the current session and when this happens  most of the times , after creating an anchor, you can reload the old ones without problems.